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Anne Colvin

Imprint is led by Anne Colvin who is a Dance Artist, Choreographer and Creative Practitioner.

"Important for me in my work is human connection. I love the depth and richness that comes from exploring ideas and personal stories together through creativity and the unexpected that arrives as we play."

A card showing a photo of tall tree trunks in a wood lies on an old wooden gym floor with faded and bubbling varnish and some red and green criss-crossing tape. Around the photo are some twigs, leaves and pine cones, and small pieces of sheep's wool with moss tangled through. The warm sunlight is crossing this whole image.


The inspiration for imprint comes from the different ways we connect with our natural and wild environments, the imprints we leave and the memories we take away.


Our work explores themes of nature

  • as metaphors for the body in how we express ourselves physically
  • as stories we hold or create
  • to share experiences that bring us together.


Anne is  graduate of the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, London.


Rooted in her creative practice and the approach for imprint is Laban's theory of movement which she applies to all her creative work. 


"It's a great tool to help us notice, recognise and explore not just how our bodies move, but how we think, remember and can follow our curiosity."


A photograph of a sky mostly filled with dark clouds. The sea and a white sky can be seen in the far distance. Four people stand very small, as silhouettes standing on some grass. Three of the people stand close together, one behind the other with their arms out to the side. The fourth person stands about 10 feet away, looking at them.
Three balls of wool sit together on a fallen tree stump, overlooking a meadow with trees and the sky in the distance


As well as working on her own projects, Anne collaborates with arts and health organisations to develop and deliver bespoke creative activity and projects for different people across our communities.


These include

South East Dance

Culture Shift

Great Ormond Street Hospital Arts

De La Warr Pavilion

 She has an amazing eye for distilling physical material into its strongest form. 

Imprint for Our City Dances dancer, Brighton.